PUGS & Puppies

01/06/14  we have (2) adult males for sale or stud now available!!  If interested, please contact us @ (757)274-9319.  Also check out our Rabbits page for baby bunnies available now!

This AKC reg. litter is of Jake and GEGE. There were (2) females and (1) male. They were 8 weeks as of 04/26/2013 and are now ready! The last female has had shots and been wormed!!! She is defiantly loveable and comes when called! Currently working on potty training and she has done well so far!

 For Sale! $1250

Gizmo the Pugwi 

Shipping Available! (Additional fees apply.)

Call us for Details!

 For Sale or Stud!

Jake a.k.a. Squeeze the Charmin

for stud! See terms of service for details!

Previous Litters

Gizzmo and Lady Bug's Litter  (5 Puppies Total!!! Pictures below!)


Lady Bug

 Lady bug / Gizmo  male #1   SOLD.

 Lady bug / Gizmo male # 2 SOLD.

 Lady bug / Gizmo male # 3    SOLD. 

 Lady bug / Gizmo Female #4    SOLD.  

  Lady bug / Gizmo Female #5   SOLD.

Jake and Sunshine's Litter (2 Puppies Total!!! Pictures below!)


Sunshine, GE GE, and Cloe

 Sunshine / Jake  Male # 1  SOLD.

  Sunshine / Jake  Female # 2 SOLD.

 Pug Pup- 4mo. Female AKC registered. Has had shots and been wormed. Champion Blood lines.  Very sweet and smart girl. Aims to please!   SOLD!!!

Female # 1 Dorrie / Gizmo Litter   SOLD

 Female # 3 Dorrie / Gizmo Litter  SOLD 

 Male # 2 Ladybug / Gizmo Litter SOLD 

Male # 4 Ladybug / Gizmo Litter  SOLD

 Female # 6 Ladybug / Gizmo Litter  SOLD!  

 Female # 2 Dorrie / Gizmo Litter SOLD 

Male # 1 Ladybug / Gizmo Litter  SOLD

 Male # 3 Ladybug / Gizmo Litter    SOLD!

Female # 5 Ladybug / Gizmo Litter SOLD  (See above info. 4 Mo. Old now!)




 DORIE For Adoption!    Adopted.


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